Rooting Media

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clonex Mist
  Growth Technologys Clonex Mist is a new foliar additive for the propagation of plant c..
Clonex Rooting Gel 50ml
Clonex Rooting Gel   An excellent rooting compound, used by professionals and amateurs t..
Jiffy 4inch Coco Blocks
  Jiffy (4inch) Coco Blocks Jiffy plugs ar..
Root Riot 24 tray
Root Riot Root Riot Organic Plant Starter Cubes These new cubes have a great spongy texture whi..
ROOT!T Rooting Gel
  Root!t Gel is specifically designed for use in plugs, and replaces hormone rooting pow..
ROOT!T Sponge 24 Cell Tray
  ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges supplied in a specially designed insert and drip tr..
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