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250w powerplant hps bulb
owerPlant Super 250 watt HPS Bulb PowerPlant lamps are tailored to promote optimum development at..
Adjust A Wing Lighting Kit
1x Adjust A Wing Reflector 1x Lumii Vented Ballast 1x Lumii 600w Bulb or 1x Adjus..
CFL Lead & Lampholder
The CFL Lead & Lampholder consists of an E40 lampholder attached to a mains cord - no reflect..
Cool tube reflector
CoolTube Air cooled Reflector  Simple and very effective way of ensuring you chosen lamp..
Cooltube Lighting Kit 600w
1x Cooltube Reflector 1x Lumii Vented Ballast 1x Lumii 600w Bulb Or 1x Cooltube R..
Euro reflector
Euro Reflector - Hydroponics HID Lighting Reflector What is a Euro Reflector? The Euro..
LUMii COMPACTA Potted Ballast 600w
The new LUMii COMPACTA,  has the same great component quality and high light output that..
Mantis 600w Lighting Kit
1x Mantis Reflector 1x Lumii Vented Ballast 1x Lumii 600w Bulb Or 1x Mantis Refle..
Mantis reflector
The New and Improved AdjustaWings. Unique Parabolic Reflector that retains its profile throughout..
Minstral Lighting Kit
1x Minstral Reflector 1x Lumii Vented Ballest 1x Lummi 600w Bulb ..
omega cfl dual spectrum 200w
Silver star 6" air cooled reflector
The Silverstar air-cooled reflector is made of high quality Aluminium which provides perfect ligh..
sunlux Pro 600w Metal halide lamp
Sunlux Pro Metal Halide 600w Bulb A standard Metal Halide Bulb, The benefit of metal-halide ..
Sylvania grolux 400w bulbs
SYLVANIA GROLUX 400W LAMP. Sylvania Grolux lamps are designed for the indoor grower, and max..
T5 Propagation Grow Light 2 Tube 48w
The impressive inroads that T5 grow lamp technology has made into the horticultural lighting indu..
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